Region 10 Health Assessment Process

Public Health Improvement Plan

The West Central Public Health Partnership (WCPHP) conducted its first regional health assessment in 2011 as required by the 2008 Senate Bill 08-194.  The bill requires local public health agencies to assess the health of their community every five years and create a public health improvement plan to address the health priorities identified during the health assessment. WCPHP used the Colorado Health Assessment Planning System for guidance for the assessment and improvement planning.

Executive Summary

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In 2016, the WCPHP began another regional health assessment and planning process.  The health assessment process included:

  • analysis of local and regional level health data,
  • community surveys,
  • hospital input,
  • and stakeholder meetings in all six counties.  

Using a prioritization matrix that combined the data and input from these meetings, the WCPHP identified three priority areas:

Following the identification of the health priorities for the region, the WCPHP held community planning meetings for each of the three priority areas.  Through a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis process the group identified areas ripe for action. This information combined with priority specific regional planning meetings and a capacity assessment of the six public health agencies resulted in the development of the WCPHP Public Health Improvement Plan.



What is Public Health?

Health Equity

The WCPHP recognizes that health inequity exists within our region. Region 10 stakeholders identified priority populations including: early childhood and youth, elderly, immigrants, low income residents, LGBTQ, and geographically isolated residents.

The WCPHP uses the social determinates of health a health equity framework to address and attempt to understand health inequities in out populations to increase health outcomes and access to care.

Health Equity Framework (CDPHE document)  and  Region 10 Health Equity Snapshot

Region 10 Health Access Snapshot  

Partners Enganged

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