Healthy Eating & Active Living (HEAL) 

Goal: Increase healthy eating and active living to reduce obesity and chronic disease.

Healthy Eating & Active Living Regional 10 Snapshot

Strategies - Action Plans

  • Environmental Strategies Action Plan

  • Evidenced-Based Programs Action Plan

  • Active Transport Action Plan

  • HEAL & Health Equity

Behavioral Health

Goal: Improve behavioral health outcomes including reducing suicide, reducing poor mental health days (reduce depression and anxiety), and reducing substance abuse.

Behavioral Health Region 10 Snapshot

Strategies - Action Plans

  • Collaboration & Coordination Action Plan

  • Education & Stigma Reduction Action Plan

  • Behavioral Health Integration Action Plan

  • Behavioral Health & Health Equity Action Plan

Healthy Housing

Goal: Increase healthy housing throughout the region to reduce exposure to radon, lead, and poor quality well water.

Healthy Housing Region 10 Snapshot

Strategies - Action Plan

  • Education Action Plan

  • Policy Action Plan

  • Healthy Housing & Health Equity Action Plan